the cult of vartax

Tobias Takmore, present leader of The Cult of Vartax, had challenged the many Galactic Forces and had eluded capture on many occasions. His name brought death and destruction wherever he went; cities, planets and even empires fell before The Cult of Vartax.

But Earth was where their terror and destruction would come to an end and Tobias Takmore's rein would be no more. Having faced a bloody battle across the globe The Cult of Vartax was finally brought to justice. 

Even thou he had conquered the continents of this backward little planet, human spirit would be his down fall. Those that had supported the cult went into hiding while those that served him and followed him close would find their fate to be the same. 

A fate decided by the World Council, but not without some opposition from within the council itself. Some wanted him and his followers executed, but the majority wanted him sent into cryogenics where his body and his followers would go on display to serve as a warning to any would-be invaders to the planet. 

However, the World Council had proved to be weak when it came to their decision making, by allowing Tobias Takmore to have a final wish; a wish to address the people of Earth before his final incarceration. 

Tobias Takmore swept into the room and turned towards the cameras that were waiting for him and grinned. He stood tall, dressed in black and showing no remorse whatsoever, his hands still electronically cuffed while waiting for his cue from the directors of the broadcast. 

He looked around at the people before him and smiled as he caught himself on the screens that covered the walls around him. He cleared his throat and began to speak, 'Citizens of Earth. I am Tobias Takmore of the Cult of Vartax, but then you should already know that.' He declared. 'I am here to announce, that we are no longer in good favour with the World Council and that their unjust decision to sentence us to eternal sleep will only serve in bringing about a revolution, an uprising by the Cult of Vartax. My people, I say to you this that justice must be swift. Take action against these oppressors. They will have us shot if we do not enter cryogenics- '

Tobias was interrupted by a security guard who held his left arm tightly, 'That's enough of that. You've had your say, Takmore. It's the big freeze for you.' and began to guide Tobias away from the cameras, not before he bowed and left the stage. He was unceremoniously dragged to where the other senior members of the cult were being held.

Takmore smiled at his secretary. 'Do you think they bought it?' He grinned, straightening his tie with his cuffed hands and walking down the corridor towards his personal space ship, which had been ceased by the security forces to the World Council. 

'Oh yes, sir. I think they bought it very much.' he replied and muttered to himself, 'If the cameras had been switched on.'

'Is there any news on the Torchwood situation?' Takmore asked as the door to his ship slid elegantly open. 

'Nothing on Torchwood, sir, they seem to have forgotten about us.' again his secretary muttered aside, 'They were the reason for the cult's final downfall.'

Takmore laughed. 'Oh they won’t forget about us for long, Soon the Cult of Vartax shall rise and take this world and crush it.' 

The Secretary raised his head and slightly smiled with a question on his lips, dare he ask it he thought. This man's a fool. How did he ever become their leader, in fact where did he come from? They had followed him across the galaxies, promised other worlds, a better way of life, taking their wealth and raising armies against each other before finally moving on to their next venture. 

'What was your home world like, sir?' His secretary pressed a key code into the next door. 

'You know, I can’t really remember much, except...' he paused as his memory struggled to remember from whence he came. 'I remember burnt orange skies and bright, silver-leafed trees that glistened in the wind...'

'Well, that could any number of planets!' snapped the Secretary, as the door slid open and Tobias was brought back to reality, 'This way, sir.' and he indicated to Tobias the open door.

Hesitantly Tobias entered the vast chamber. For a moment he had forgotten where he was, 'What am I doing here?'

'Your destiny, sir, awaits.'


'You know what your problem is K9?' The Doctor stood at the central console of the TARDIS. 

'Master?' K9 slowly lifted his head. 

'You have no sense of humour. None at all! All you do is sit around and zap things. What’s the excitement or humour in that?' The TARDIS column stuttered slightly. The Doctor hit the console and the column began to move again. 

'Humour- An organic sensation-' K9 began but was stopped by the Doctor. 

'Oh do shut up, K9. I know what humour means.' The Doctor flicked a switch on the console.

The console room, for a moment, looked more organic, coral even. 'Oh no this won’t do.' he flicked another switch and the console room returned to normal, at which point the TARDIS landed. 

'Ahh! We’ve landed. Excellent. Coming K9?' The Doctor turned to K9 who was sitting with his head bowed in a corner. 'Oh, K9, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.' he said and gently patted K9’s head at which point K9’s head lifted slightly. 

'Master, Navigation controls are non-functioning. Unable to determine location of arrival.' 

'No? Then let's take a look shall we.' The Doctor got up from the floor and went over to the console, pulled a lever and the scanner opened to reveal another, rather bleak corridor. 'Oh. Dear me. This looks rather boring doesn’t it K9?' he said and closed the scanner. 'Well I guess beggars can’t be choosers.' He walked over to the hat stand and put his long scarf around his neck.  'Come on, K9. Let's take a look.'

K9 moved towards the console. 'Master, there is a problem with the TARDIS console. It seems that someone has being trying to pull the TARDIS out of time.' 

'Ahh. It’s probably just tax collectors. You have a look and see if I’m right while I go and take a look around this place. See you in a bit.' The Doctor pulled the TARDIS console lever and walked off into the rather dull corridor.

As he looked up and down the corridor and sighed and then continued to walk its length. He turned around several bends before finally finding himself in a dusty room. The floor was covered in cobwebs, while small insects scuttled around on it.

'Oh dear, this place looks like its seen better days.' he muttered to himself, rubbed his nose and walked over to a dusty console.

'Let’s see what happens when I do this…' The Doctor flicked a red switch on the console. He twisted a dial and pulled a rusting lever. A humming came from behind him. 'Ahh! Hello, what have we here?' He turned around.

The humming sound appeared to come from a door way that was next to another console. The Doctor moved to the door. He knocked on it but here was no response from the other side. He pulled his sonic screwdriver out of his coat pocket and pressed it against the door. A strange, almost mechanical sound came from the door. He stepped back as the door slowly opened. He cautiously passed through the door way and found himself in a huge chamber, the roof of which was like that of a domed church.

'Magnificent!' The Doctor declared to no one in particular as he stared up at the ceiling. It was covered in a painted mural and seemed to depict a scene of a Victorian battle but it was a bit obscure. This room unlike the previous room was spotless. Several feet in front of him, he could see a massive tomb like structure. The humming sound had grown much more in volume and it was beginning to become even more intense.

The Doctor slowly walked towards the structure as a door suddenly opened within. Inside, he observed that the room looked like a comfortable 20th century living room. Slowly and warily he moved towards the door and stepped into the room. Sitting in several old fashioned seats were a group of men and women. They appeared frozen in an 'animated conversation'. He bent down to examine one of the men. He was tall, bearded and wore a black suit very much in the style of the 1930s.

'Hello? Anyone there?' The Doctor waved his hand in front of the man. He jerked upwards. The seated figure began to stir as did the others. He backed away a little as the figures one by one stood up, stretching, observing their surroundings, and taking in as much information as they could.